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  The GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH Line separator image Supporting RIDDOR
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  Author: Fran Howarth, Bloor Research | Published: 28th July 2010 Line separator image
The greatest wealth is health Health and safety at work

Occupations that develop health and safety programmes do so in order to foster and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Every day, 450 Europeans die from work-related causes and millions suffer injuries at work every year. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) estimates that a total of 6% of the combined gross domestic product of the EU is lost every year from work accidents and ill health.

The aim of EU-OSHA is to raise awareness of occupational health and safety issues and provides guidance to employers regarding their obligations to make their employees aware of the risks that they face and how to manage them. The EU has set a target of reducing workplace accident rates by 25% between 2007 and 2012. However, a pan-European poll conducted by EU-OSHA in 2009 found that six out of ten Europeans expected the global recession to lead to a deterioration in working conditions, especially in health and safety, and the agency cautions that there is a danger that organisations will cut their investments in health and safety programmes, including training.

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jComply SaaS

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Company Updates  
jComply conforms to Public Sector ICT requirements

Tabaq Software has announced the release of its compliance solution jComply to comply with the ICT requirements set forth by the Public Sector organisations. jComply release 2.1 will ensure that the software complies with the ICT standards, technical requirements, procurement requirements, associated ICT resource assessments and business continuity planning assessments required by most of the organisations in the Public Sector ... More

jComply jComply delivers KYC and AML solutions

A number of Tabaq Software’s clients have acquired jComply to support the management of policies and procedures particularly to meet FSA legislation.

jComply, enables the user to create and manage policy documents using the built-in review and approval workflow, disseminate the documents to employees, train the employees, test their knowledge on policies and procedures and generate reports on the company’s compliance level ... More

Products & Services  
jComply Risk Assessment jComply Risk Assessment

jComply risk assessment module is a fully integrated module that allows organisations to identify, analyse, monitor and mitigate risks that may affect an organisation’s business goals and objectives. In certain areas such as health and safety (ISO 18001), it is a legal requirement by HSE to assess the risks in workplace and put health and safety measures in place. Other areas for risk assessment include COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), environmental standards (ISO 14001), information security (ISO 27001), quality management (ISO 9001), financial services, ICT, product development and manufacturing, legal and regulatory compliance risks, fire hazards and the list continues ... More

Web Application Development Software Development services

Web Application Development

Tabaq Software also offers web development services in Web 2.0 technology. Web 2.0 facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Examples of Web 2.0 include web based communities, hosted services, web applications, social networking sites, video sharing sites, blogs and much more. A website developed in Web 2.0 technology allows users to interact with each other or to change website content ... More

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