Streamline your operations with cloud computing
Give new life to your legacy or on-premise applications. Achieve higher ROI, reduce risk and expand as you

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At Tabaq, we have developed our own unique model to take your legacy or on-premise application and enable it on Software as a Service platform. SaaS Enablement offers new challenges such as customisation, integration, service level management and reporting. Each stage of the SaaS Enablement process is optimised by our highly experience team to assess, develop, deploy and deliver highly scalable and secure SaaS Solutions. As a result, you can give new life to your legacy or on-premise applications.

Software as a Service is the future of legacy client server applications. Typical client server applications are expensive to develop, deploy and support and in today’s economic climate, organisations are finding it difficult to maintain an active development roadmap. High hosting and infrastructure costs are also encouraging businesses to move towards Cloud based solutions. Whether your application is a business critical application for your customers, support portal for your partners or a new online business venture, Tabaq can help you in realising your strategic business goals so you can stay ahead of your competition.

How can Tabaq Software help with SaaS Enablement?

Tabaq has extensive experience in developing SaaS application from scratch or re-engineering legacy systems on SaaS platforms. With our experience, we can fast track the success of your business venture.

  • From our experience in dealing with SaaS technologies, we have developed our own SaaS Enablement Life Cycle which will help in achieving your business goals.
  • SaaS licensing works very different from the standard licensing and is a key factor in achieving success. We will help you in developing a pricing strategy and model encompassing licensing, infrastructure, service management and integration costs.
  • The deployment architecture is very different from traditional software. Tabaq will work closely with you to understand your business goals and define an appropriate multi-instance or multitenant architecture most suitable for the solution.
  • Let us work with you in developing your SaaS based solutions. We have a track record in successfully enabling applications on SaaS platform and we can bring our domain knowledge and best practices to your advantage.