What drives real productivity?
Implement a system to integrate major business processes; optimize inventory, improve employee productivity, and increase sales.


Financial Management and Accounting

ERP Services

Our ERP services are designed to support the entire ERP project lifecycle. These include consultancy, implementation, software development, training and support...

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Warehouse Management

ERP Functionality

Every growing business requires a reliable and effective ERP system to support the growth. The functionality of an ERP system includes finance & accounting, warehouse management...

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Production Management

ERP Infrastructure

The infrastructure to host a system is as important to our customers as the selection of the system itself. We therefore work closely with our customers in selecting the right infrastructure which is reliable, scalable, secure and cost effective...

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ERP Overview

Tabaq Software’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products and solutions are handpicked to ensure that market leading products are matched by Tabaq’s solid experience of partnering and working with small, medium and large size organisations.

Tabaq’s ERP consultants bring years of experience of working with complex ERP systems for large organisations. Whether it’s optimising your existing business processes to make them more efficient and productive or training your teams or implementing a new ERP system, our consultants can bring real life experiences to your business. Our consulting services are complimented by our strong development team. Our teams can tailor the application to your needs, develop new modules or migrate the data from an old system. All of our products and services are backed by our guaranteed support which covers a wide range of needs and budgets.

Tabaq Software is the first partner to introduce Openbravo, the agile ERP in UK. Openbravo is an easy web-based, flexible and fully integrated modular application which is designed to provide a rapid and sustained ROI.

To find out how we can help your business, email sales@tabaqsoftware.com