On-Demand. On-Premise.
We can design the right infrastructure for your ERP system which is reliable, scalable, secure and cost effective.

ERP Infrastructure

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The infrastructure to host a system is as important to our customers as the selection of the system itself. We therefore work closely with our customers in selecting the right infrastructure which is reliable, scalable, secure and cost effective.

Whether you need a cloud based cost effective solution hosted on the reliable Amazon EC2 platform or an extremely secure infrastructure behind your company’s trusted firewall, we can help you set it up professionally and effectively.

ERP On-Demand

We work with reliable cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon EC2, UK Fast and Rackspace to host the ERP environments of our clients. These companies are industry leaders in providing a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure that you can trust to host your system. Whether your budget and business requirements demand a virtual cloud environment or a cluster of dedicated servers, we have the experience to design and implement the right infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

For you to fully enjoy the benefits of cloud computing free from the hassles of maintaining hardware and technical staff, Tabaq Software offers a managed solution which includes ERP license, hosting and support starting at £50 per user per month.

Dedicated Hosting

For high performance requirements demanding scalability, speed, control and security, our highly skilled and experienced solution architects can design and implement an infrastructure built on dedicated servers. Our consultants work with your key business owners to determine the system requirements and then design a system comprising of the right mix of application servers, web servers, database servers, load balancers, dedicated firewalls and enterprise storage.

ERP On-Premise

For companies with existing investment in infrastructure or for those companies who would strictly like to retain the ERP system within their company firewall for security reasons, we work with you and provide on-site implementation, training and support services.