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Test management is the most important function of the Quality Assurance department at Tabaq Software. Whether itís developing a test strategy for an internal application or for a client, our approach is to set testing goals based on the clientís business objectives. With the goals defined, we allocate a dedicated team to develop a test plan which includes selection of testing tools and methodologies. With our ISO 9001 approved processes, we can maximise the ROI and leave you with more resources to spend on advancing your business growth.

Our test services include the following:

Performance Testing

Our performance testing is suited for web-based applications, custom software and leading off the shelf software especially software for business operations. We use a structured approach to testing and appropriate performance testing tools to provide the following services:

  • Load and stress testing
  • Scalability and volume testing
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Reporting

Migration Testing

Moving your application to a different platform or upgrading to a new release or migrating from a legacy system to a new web based application, you cannot leave your data behind. We provide comprehensive data conversion, data migration and migration testing services to ensure your legacy data is safely converted and is available in the new system.

We have written custom data migration utilities to convert the data and then support that with special testing techniques to make sure data has successfully migrated to the new system.

Usability Testing

Usability testing allows us to record real userís interactions with the software application as they would while using it in a real scenario. We can record their impressions about the software, the stumbling blocks and spot problems which then allows us to make recommendations for optimisation.

Usability testing will remove guess work, reduce support calls, and increase user acceptance and brand loyalty. Gain that competitive edge and put your software through usability testing at any stage of the product life cycle.

Web Testing

Web technologies are evolving rapidly to include a hybrid of technologies and programming languages that go in the development of a website. In any given web-based application or website, the hybrid of technologies can include HTML, PHP, Java, Microsoft .Net, social media, video streaming, AJAX, XML, localisation, Rich Internet Application (RIA) frameworks, Content Management Systems (CMS) and not to mention integration with other systems and Web Services.

To add to the complexity, factor in leading browsers including mobile browsers with various versions and backward compatibility requirements. Our web-based application testing is especially designed to resolve these challenges. With our web testing you can ensure peace of mind that your website will reach your target audience and give you the competitive edge you need to grow.


HP (Mercury) LoadRunner, HP (QTP) Quick Test Professional, OpenSTA, Oracle Application Suite for Web Applications and Web Services, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Facilita Performance Testing, Micro Focus QALoad, Empirix OneSight

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